HiggsSignals  2.6.1

HiggsSignals performs a statistical test of the Higgs sector predictions of arbitrary models with the measurements of Higgs boson signal rates and masses from the Tevatron and the LHC.

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The input routines are documented in the HiggsBoundshbdoc and manual.

The HiggsBounds Collaboration

HiggsSignals is developed by the HiggsBounds Collaboration. Current members are Philip Bechtle, Sven Heinemeyer, Tobias Klingl, Tim Stefaniak, Georg Weiglein, and Jonas Wittbrodt.

In case of questions regarding HiggsSignals please contact Jonas. If you you want to report a bug please open an issue.

Former members are Oliver Brein, Daniel Dercks, Oscar Stål and Karina E. Williams.

Journal References

HiggsSignals relies on HiggsBounds for input, so please also cite the references listed there.


HiggsBounds requires a Fortran compiler supporting at least Fortran 95 (like gfortran), cmake as well as HiggsBounds. HiggsBounds has to be available on the system in compiled form. Its location will be automatically found by CMake. If you have several versions of HiggsBounds installed, set the HiggsBounds_DIR environment variable to the build folder of the version you want to use before calling cmake.

The code is compiled by

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

If your distribution does not provide a recent version of CMake (e.g. Scientific Linux or CentOS) simply grab the binary version from here.

If you wish to use a different Fortran compiler set the FC environment variable before running cmake.


A test suite that checks the results of the example codes against reference values is included and can be executed through make check or (for more detailed results) ctest --output-on-failure. Running the tests requires python>3.5 with the pytest, numpy and pandas packages. The test suite takes a few minutes to complete.

FeynHiggs examples

Some of the example_programs illustrate the use of HiggsSignals together with FeynHiggs. To use these a compiled version of FeynHiggs is required and the path to the FeynHiggs folder has to specified by adding


to the cmake .. line. See e.g. example_programs/HBandHSwithFH.F90 for an example.


Compilation generates a binary which can be invoked from the command line as

./HiggsSignals <options>

and the library


which can be linked to other codes to use the subroutine interface (see src/HiggsSignals_subroutines.F90). If your project builds using CMake you can simply use

# ...
target_link_libraries(YourTarget PRIVATE HiggsBounds::HB HiggsSignals::HS)

and CMake will take care of everything else.

C Interface

HiggsSignals provides a C interface in include/HiggsSignals.h that wraps the most important Fortran subroutines and takes care of type conversions. When using the interface, make sure to also link any libraries required by the Fortran C interface of your compiler setup (e.g. -lgfortran -lm -lquadmath -lm for gcc-gfortran). If you use CMake this will be done automatically.